Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Juan S. Acero Triana

Dr. Acero Triana completed his PhD in Ag & Bio Engineering with a concentration in Computational Science and Engineering at UIUC (US) and an MSc in Applied Hydrometeorology at RSHU (RU). He joined the Department of Environmental Sciences in 2020, where his research studies ecohydrological processes across highly managed agroecosystems and lake-watershed interactions integrating numerical models and data analytics tools. The ultimate goal of his research is to develop robust decision support systems that help decision-makers and stakeholders to assess management alternatives aimed at enhancing watershed ecosystem services under climate and land-use change scenarios.

Dr. Sandra Armengol Vall

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California Riverside. My research is aimed at gaining knowledge and understanding in the use of chemical and isotopic tracers in hydrogeology. My main areas of expertise include the use of conventional chemical techniques, geochemical modelling and geostatistics to identify the groundwater provenance in aquifers and to study water-soil interactions including salinization processes.

I have five years of experience in analyzing groundwater chemistry and collecting rainwater samples. I worked in groundwater related issues in Spain (Onyar River Basin, Llobregat River Basin) and North (Iberá Estuary) and Central (Matanza-Riachuelo River Basin) Argentina. I have planned and conducted many surveys, including building a rainwater monitoring network for a 2300 km2 basin.

Graduate Students


Eric Wineteer

As an Environmental Sciences PhD student at UC Riverside, I use remotely sensed data to constrain hydrologic models and better understand groundwater recharge. In my previous position as a consulting engineer, I developed improved statistical downscaling techniques to predict the impact of climate change on water quality, and its implications for infrastructure planning. I have extensive experience in high performance computing, particularly in parallel programming with Python. I recived my B.S. in Civil Engineering and my M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the Northeastern University. 

Undergraduate Students

William Scott Burgess  

Major: Mathematics, University of California Riverside

Research: As a Digital Agricultural Fellow, I am working with Dr. Hoori Ajami and Dr. Adam Schreiner-McGraw to design computational methods for determining groundwater response to precipitation droughts. I plan to pursue a career in agricultural technology, or technology as it relates to natural resources more broadly; specifically, I am interested in the intersection of these emerging fields and the financial sector.


Maxim Shapovalov 

Major: Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of California Riverside

Research: Groundwater monitoring and time series analysis in the Kaweah River watershed


Dr. Adam Schreiner- McGraw

Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2021)


Now: Research Hydrologist, USDA ARS Missouri 


Kiarash Ehsani


MS in Environmental Sciences (2019-2020)


Aarushi Jha 

MS in Environmental Sciences (2018-2020)

Thesis Title: Application of a Semi-Distributed Hydrologic Model to Understand Hydrologic Flux Partitioning of an Arid, Highly Managed Watershed

Jacob Palmer

M.Eng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Now: PhD Student at Texas State University, San Marco


Dr. Conrad Wasko

Visiting scholar, University of Melbourne

Dr. Clare Stephens

Visiting scholar, University of New South Wales

  • Kelly Perez (2019): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, groundwater monitoring)

  • Carly Pierce (2018): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Land cover change)

  • Mohamed Eissa (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Semi-distributed modeling)

  • Kyle Fructuoso (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Seawater intrusion)

  • Austin Fimbres (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Stream flow analysis)

  • Huihai Wang (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Hydrologic modeling)