Postdoctoral Fellows

Adam Schreiner- McGraw

I am a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California Riverside. I obtained my PhD from Arizona State University studying ecohydrological controls on focused groundwater recharge. My background is primarily in observational hydrology with expertise in environmental sensor networks, eddy covariance measurements, cosmic-ray neutron soil moisture sampling, and hydrologic modeling. My scientific philosophy is to combine high-resolution hydrologic observations with state-of-the-art watershed models to build deep understandings of the problems that I study. I am motivated by scientific questions that aim to improve our ability to predict and manage water resources in the future, particularly in water-stressed regions. This includes the hydrologic impacts of land cover change and climate change, and connections between the hydrologic cycle and ecology, or ecohydrology. My main project focuses on understanding surface-groundwater interactions in the California Central Valley within the context of climate change. 

Graduate Students

Aarushi Jha 

Program: PhD in Environmental Science

Education:  B.Sc. Environmental Studies, State University of New York 

                   M.Sc. Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara 


Research: My research interest lies in quantifying and modeling surface water-groundwater interactions with the larger objective of providing sustainable water supply.

Kiarash Ehsani

Program: PhD in Environmental Sciences

Education: B. Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Research: Integrated groundwater-land surface modeling

Jacob Palmer

Program: M.Eng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Education: B. Eng. Chemical and Environmental Engineering, UC Riverside

Research: Integrated groundwater-land surface modeling

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Conrad Wasko

Conrad is currently a McKenzie Fellow at the University of Melbourne where he focusses on understanding the interactions between extreme rainfall and flooding in a changing climate. Conrad undertook his PhD at the University of New South Wales, Australia. During this time, he investigated the effects of warmer temperatures on design rainfall finding that the temporal and spatial patterns of rainfall intensify with higher temperatures resulting in greater urban flooding. As a result of this work he was presented the Lorenz-Straub award for the most meritorious dissertation in the area of water engineering. Conrad is currently a visiting researcher at UCR. He holds bachelor's degrees in civil engineering, statistics and a master's in water resources. Prior to undertaking his PhD he was a consulting engineer specializing in hydrologic and hydrodynamic modelling.

Undergraduate Students

  • Kelly Perez (2019): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, groundwater monitoring)

  • Carly Pierce (2018): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Land cover change)

  • Mohamed Eissa (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Semi-distributed modeling)

  • Kyle Fructuoso (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Seawater intrusion)

  • Austin Fimbres (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Stream flow analysis)

  • Huihai Wang (2017): (UCR, undergraduate researcher, Hydrologic modeling)