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     Hoori Ajami Catchment Hydrology and Spatial Analysis Lab 

Hoori Ajami
Associate Professor of Groundwater Hydrology

I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California Riverside.  My main area of expertise is in Catchment Hydrology and Spatial Analysis. I use observational data and various modeling tools to understand hydrologic processes such as groundwater recharge, surface water-groundwater interactions, and land surface processes at a catchment scale. I have extensive experience in spatial analysis and custom application development for hydrological models. My research interests are in the application of integrated hydrological models to characterize surface water/groundwater/atmospheric interactions, computationally efficient hydrologic model development, ecohydrology and application of remote sensing and isotopic data in characterizing hydrologic cycle.


Department of Environmental Sciences

University of California, Riverside

Room 2322 Geology

Riverside, California 92521

Office: (951) 827-4778


Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Integrated Hydrologic Modeling of Agroecosystems

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